Denver Shadows!

Shadow Run missions will take players into the heart of Denver, the Treaty City where they got tangled up in the gangs and crime syndicates, all the while dodging boarder patrols as they hop through the various sectors.

Shadowrun missions will use the 4E ruleset!

Date Mission Characters Unplayed Karma Earned Unplayed Nuyen Earned
8/25/2013 SRM 2-1: Parliament Of Thieves Ballista, Shadow, Rave, Hecate 3 1650
9/8/2013 SRM 2-2: Best Served Cold Ballista, Shadow, Rave, Hecate 3 2500
9/22/2013 SRM 2-3: The Grab Collateral, Shadow, Rave, Hecate 2 2500

Shadowrun Missions

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