Between Sessions

In between every session you’ll have 2 weeks of down time (occasionally three). During this time there are several actions that you can do. They are listed below

Activity Time Taken Threshold Notes
Buy Basic Gear None You may buy any and all lifestyle gear that is not restricted or illegal
Buy any piece of gear None You may buy a single piece of gear for which you qualify. When purchasing in this manner the wealth cost increases by 5 + the items restriction or illegality.
Buy Basic Gear above Lifestyle 1 week You may buy any and all gear that is not restricted or illegal
Buy Gear From a Contact 1 week One item between sessions/contact.
Craft Consumables None Craft your limit of consumables
Craft Bonus Consumables 1 week Craft 1 set of consumables above your lifestyle limit
Craft Equipment 2 weeks Craft anything craftables with crafting
Upgrade Equipment 1 week When upgrading something that already exists (such as a scope with a better scope, or a head implant with a head implant) it takes less time to craft.
Gather Information 1 week varies Gather information on something: person, place Corp etc. Hits are cumulative and this can be done multiple times to dig more dirt.
Earn Nuyen 1 week Hits Make a check using an appropriate money making skill. You gain loot for each hit.
Improve a Contacts loyalty 1 Week Connection + New Rating See Below
Find a contact 2 Weeks Connection +1 See Below
Rest & Relaxation 2 weeks Begin the next session with +1 Edge and +3 to recovery pool
Change Spells 2 weeks None Change parameters of a single spell following the rules as if you had ranked up a casting tier

Find a Contact

You can spend your downtime to find a new contact. To do this you need to make a persuasion Extended threshold test of the new contacts Connection + 1(which represents his starting loyalty). Once earned, the new contacts starting loyalty is always 1. At the GMS discretion, you may be able to use other Skills for some contacts loyalty.

Improve a contacts loyalty

You can spend time kicking it with your contact, running errands for him, etc., to increase your loyalty. This requires an extended persuasion threshold test of connection + New Loyalty. You may not jump more than 1 loyalty with a contact at one time. For instance, you spend a few weeks getting Jack, a new fixer. He’s got a connection of 4 and loyalty of one. You could bring him to a loyalty of 2 with a threshold 6 extended test. At the GMS discretion, you may be able to use other Skills for some contacts loyalty.

Between Sessions

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